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New Release | Collar Me Pink

Collar Me Pink is a daddy kink gay romance. It’s part of the ‘Pink Paws‘ series. This is a spin-off from the ‘Daddy’s Boy’ series.

  • Daddy Kink
  • Age Gap
  • Dress Up
  • D/s


One Little kitten. One doting Daddy. A collar full of surprise.

One night will change everything…

Samuel Park is a lonely nineteen-old wishing to be whiskered away. When he discovers a hot new spot for a community he wants to belong in. But being shy and awkward around people will not do him any favours. Will he be able to overcome his fears and find someone to play with?

Jakob Morse is almost thirty, and he’s ready to date again. After a friend’s suggestion, he’s willing to take a gamble on visiting a secret club. He’s looking for something serious, but he doesn’t think he’ll find that with someone in cat ears. Can a Little kitten help change his mind?

They both have issues they need to work through, but can they work through them together?