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New Release | A Daddy for Cosimo

A Daddy for Cosimo is an MM daddy romance. It’s part of the ‘Daddy’s Boy’ series.

  • Daddy Kink
  • Age Gap
  • Dress Up
  • Boss


Is Cosimo’s dream Daddy looking for a Little?

Looking for a Little independence, Cosimo Briggs finds work at a cat café. At nineteen, his plan is to save money, move from his parents’ place, and then come out to them. But when he’s caught kissing a man, he might not go back home at all. Will he find a home in someone else’s arms?

Grant Lawson is busy organising his after-hours playroom above the cat café; he doesn’t have time for a relationship. Except he’s spotted a twink-le in his new employee’s eye, and he’s been working hard; he deserves a nice lap to sit on. Caught up in the moment, can Grant overcome his old ways for a new boy?

Are they ready for the next step? Or will Cosimo’s dream disappear?