New Release | Frat Daddy

Frat Daddy is the first in the  Frat Boys of Omega Nu series. So, pack a bag and get ready to visit the fictional town of Palmdale, Florida.

  • Age Gap
  • Forbidden
  • Size Difference
  • 60k
  • HEA


It was a fling. Now he’s moving in.

Of all the crazy, stupid, messed up stuff I could get myself involved in, I slept with someone I shouldn’t have. Being out and proud in an all-jock fraternity like Omega Nu wasn’t heard of, and I wouldn’t be its first—right?

Leo wasn’t meant to show up on the first day of term as the new frat House Father. There was nothing I could do about it, except stay away from him. But he was a magnet, pulling me closer. I couldn’t deny the spark. But could I keep it a secret from my frat brothers?

Rule one of being a House Father: don’t sleep with anyone in the frat. I didn’t know I’d broken that until I arrived on campus. I only took the job for the free housing. It was supposed to be a low-stress job, but I can’t stop thinking about him.

I met Emmett through an app; a no strings attached fling. It was the best hook-up of my life. I didn’t expect to see him as a student at my new job. And now he’s everywhere I look. Rule two: don’t break rule one twice. But I just did. How long can we keep it up before being found out?

Fiery passions run high between Leo and Emmett, and neither of them are stopping. Will they embrace each other or run when it gets tough?