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New Release | Press One for Fake Boyfriend

Press One for Fake Boyfriend is a fake boyfriend to lovers gay romance novel. It is part of the ‘Dial A Man’ standalone fake boyfriend trope series.

  • Fake Boyfriend
  • Close Proximity
  • Sharing a Bed
  • HEA (Happy Ever After)


Worlds collide when Wyatt hires Kane to be his fake boyfriend.

Wyatt Scott is a highly strung pastry chef who owns a patisserie with dreams of expansion. He always gets what he wants, the exception being a boyfriend.

Kane Dixon is an easy-going creative soul who moonlights as an escort. He’s saving to open a pottery studio and continue to make phallic statues.

Coming together for a three-day weekend, Wyatt finds comfort in Kane’s relaxed hands, and Kane finds his dreams waking in Wyatt’s passion and ambition.

There’s just one problem. Kane is an escort; he can’t fall in love with his employer.