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New Release | Press Two for Fake Fiancé

Press Two for Fake Fiance is a fake boyfriend to lovers gay romance novel. It is part of the ‘Dial A Man’ standalone fake boyfriend trope series.

  • Fake Boyfriend
  • Silver Fox’s First Time
  • Rope Play
  • Voyeurism
  • HEA (Happy Ever After)


He ordered the experience. The experience exploded all over him.

Viktor Young is a professional hustler. If you want it from him, he can perform it. Hell-bent on never catching feelings, Viktor is in the right line of work. Until he lets his guard down…

CEO Robert Payne is a fresh-faced fifty-year-old, searching for passion and love after a failed marriage and two children. But he’s now paying for the affection of younger men in hopes it becomes real.

In the face of Robert’s ex-wife, he brings Viktor in as his fiancé, paid for by the hour. But when they invite him to meet the rest of the family, it all becomes a bit too real.

Together, they make a convincing fake couple. But will the lie come between them? Or will they find it helps them connect better in the bedroom?