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New Release | Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses is the first in the Monster Daddies series. It’s all about the underground supernatural mafia… the Daddies and their boys!

  • Daddy Kink
  • Paranormal
  • Age Gap
  • Age Play
  • HEA


“Good boys can keep Daddy’s secrets.”

Out of work and having the worst time of my life. My happiness comes from dressing up, but even that’s expensive. Until I met him. He promised to make me happy. If that was even possible.

Arlo Reid II was a man of secrets. I couldn’t say no to him. He made me feel alive. He was dangerous, but he promised to protect me. There was no way I could go back to my old life after knowing him. And maybe I didn’t have to. What if I was his Boy forever?

It’s difficult being a Daddy in this world. It’s far more difficult to be 199 years old and witness your Boys disappear. But I couldn’t stop. My appetite was insatiable. One look was all it took. He was mine.

Brooks Parker was a picture book, easily read. He was just what I’d been looking for. Sucking on a pacifier in the middle of the club. I had to have him. But was he ready for the real me?

Fast-paced passions often crash and burn. Will their flame ignite for eternity?