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New Release | Werewolf Bites

Werewolf Bites is the second in the Monster Daddies series. Get ready to explore the underground supernatural mafia a little closer! Daddies, shifters, boys… oh my!

  • Daddy Kink
  • Paranormal
  • Age Gap
  • Age Play
  • HEA


“Be a good boy. You’re my new toy.”

I lost my place in this world when he rescued me. But I never asked to be saved. Until everything I knew in this world changed for the worse, and I needed putting back together. Would he save me now that I needed him?

For my entire life, I’d been taken care of by rich, powerful, and very dangerous men. And when I needed a Daddy the most, they’d all moved on. Except one, and I’d be betraying my people if I went to him. But could I resist a man willing to give me what I needed?

As leader of the Sanguis Shadow Pack, it’s my job to clean up the supernatural scum who threaten the centuries old syndicate. And that leaves some people without a place in this world, even after saving them. Could I keep my emotions from getting in this way with this one?

I’d watched him struggle and fall flat on his face, but he didn’t want me—or my help. I was stubborn and willing to wait, because I knew he was meant to be mine. But would he give in and be my boy?

Were we fated mates, destined for each other, or just caught in whirlwind of give and take?